Netizens Praise Actress Lee Min Jung For Her Mature Response To A Comment On Instagram

Actress Lee Min Jung engaged with her followers by commenting on her habits by remarking with a ‘large comment’.

On June 6th, Lee Min Jung said on her Instagram, “The most important thing in my world is to be happy every day. It’s a waste of time to worry about negative things. Right here, I always enjoy my life Moto carpediem” and attached a picture.

In the published photo, Lee Min Jung is looking at the river with her chin crossed.

One netizen who observed this said, “It’s not healthy to keep your chin tight.” Lee Min Jung instantly agreed to her opinion by saying, “It’s a poor habit, I’ll try to rectify it.”

Usually, Lee Min Jung is regularly connecting with her fans through Instagram.

In particular, Lee Min Jung, unlike other celebrities, is drawing attention for her relaxed appearance, such as leaving ‘large comments’ immediately to the comments posted by netizens.



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