Netizens Pick 3 Of The Most Iconic Actresses Who Successfully Portrayed A “Mother Role” in K-Dramas

Because Korean actresses take care of their appearance, they all look younger.

Korean actresses may play schoolgirls and parents with this appearance and top-notch makeup technique.

Jang Nara

In the 2017 film Go Back Couple, Jang Nara battled Ma Jin Joo‘s 38-year-old and 20-year-old selves.

Jang Nara portrayed adorable roles as a mother with unkempt hair, miserable to the brink of depression due of her husband and children, and as the most attractive and outstanding university student.

Jang Nara was 36 when she filmed this film, yet playing a student didn’t bother her. Even version 20 looks better than a 38-year-old diaper mom.

Jang Nara did well in all versions.

Jang Nara plays an unhappy mother in Go Back Couple. After the divorce, she and her ex-husband reverted to their student days on the day they met.

Because they’re disgusted with one other and their marriage is monotonous, they attempt not to repeat the past.

Song Ji Hyo

Song Ji Hyo plays Noh Ae Jeong, a powerful single mother and film producer in Was It Love.

Noh Ae Jeong was a young female student with big hopes at Hankuk University.

It’s undeniable that the daughter is young and gorgeous, but the stupid aunt has a failed “saw the horns” stage when she’s a schoolgirl.

Kim Tae Hee

Kim Tae Hee, a screen beauty legend, plays both stages of her character’s life in Hi Bye Mama, a lovely schoolgirl and a mother to prevent the ghost mother from touching her daughter.

This movie was filmed when Kim Tae Hee was a real-life mother, therefore her Bi Rain made playing a mother easier.

Kim Tae Hee plays a pregnant mother who died in an accident, but her unborn child was preserved. Because she loved her husband and children, she lingered on earth for many years, watching her children grow up while her husband remarried.

Being stubborn with her kid made her see spirits, threatening her life. Her resentment moved the Gods, who reincarnated her in 49 days with the mission of restoring her status with her husband and children.

At the school’s disastrous party, she was a lovely, excellent girl.
Poor mothers can’t touch their daughters sometimes.



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