Eric Nam Shares His Memorable First Meeting With Actress Youn Yuh Jung

Youn Yuh Jungg revealed ‘Unexpected Relationship’

Youn Yuh Jungg‘s last travel to Los Angeles, USA, was shown on tvN’s ‘Unexpected Journey‘ on June 5.

Youn Yuh Jungg met singer Eric Nam, a friend of her second son and entertainment industry senior and junior.

Eric Nam heard Youn Yuh Jungg had arrived after his US tour and visited the dorm where he was residing with Eddie Nam.

Eric Nam pleased Youn Yuh Jungg.

Eric Nam said “I visited Korea in 2011. “At the Academy Film Museum after party, I met (Youn Yuh Jungg) for the first time,” he recounted. She was a reporter.

Eric Nam remarked, “I got the script the day before, but I didn’t know who they were because it was their first encounter.”

Calm down”, she urged adding, ” OK. I’ll answer questions. “I’m moved.”

Youn Yuh Jungg replied, “I’m not that type.” She trembled and said, “When I conduct an English interview from now on, help me.”

“Anytime,” Eric Nam smiled.



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