Baek Yerin, Wearing A Tube Top Dress, Reveals A Gorgeous ‘Dragon And Flower Tattoo’ Engraved On Her Slender Arm

Baek Yerin‘s full-body tattoo is unusual.

Baek Yerin recently performed at ‘Seoul Jazz Festival 2022’

Baek Yerin wore a pink tube top dress to show off her slim arms and shoulders.

Fans were drawn to Baek Yerin‘s bright tattoo at the time.

Baek Yerin‘s arms were covered in flowers and dragons. Tattoos of butterflies around the flowers resembled a painting.

Every time she moved, a big tattoo on her leg was visible.

Baek Yerin‘s tattoos give her dreamy and sensual charms.

Baek Yerin’s unique aura was amplified by a beautiful tattoo.

Baek Yerin sang ‘Square,’ ‘Maybe it’s not our fault,’ and ‘Fish’ and several cover songs at the festival, giving a lovely mood.

Fans loved Baek Yerin’s performance, because of her attractiveness and environment.



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