A Netizen Reveals How He Finds Out The Sponsor Who Paid For His Friend’s Heart Surgery Was Actually Yoo Jae Suk

Yoo Jae Suk, well known by his stage name “Nation’s MC“, was recently shown to have covered the medical expenses of a heart transplant recipient.

An anonymous user who claimed to be a friend of the patient posted the story in an online community on June 6 (KST), under the subject “A friend of mine underwent a heart transplant.”

The anonymous user stated that their friend had surgery that cost 88 million Korean won (about $70,400 USD), and while their health insurance paid 73 million of that amount (approximately $58.400 USD), they were invoiced for the remaining 15 million (approximately $12,000 USD).

According to the anonymous user, which provided the explanation, “The hospital has a system to support individuals in need, thus the sum donated by a single donor was used to pay for all of the hospital bills. The donor’s identity is never revealed to anyone other than the recipient of the gift. It was known by the name Yoo Jae Suk“.

The anonymous user went on to say that when the patient asked the nurse if the donor could possible be “thatYoo Jae Suk, the nurse responded by confirming that the donor was in fact the individual the patient was thinking

The commenter on the post said, “I had chills. Wow, he really is such an angel from the sky. I had always been such a huge fan of Yoo Neu Nim, [Yoo Jae Suk’s nickname that combines his name with the Korean word for ‘God’], but when I heard this news, I genuinely became a fan of him. I was told that he gives a lot of money out, and when he was even able to aid a close friend of mine, I could really get a feel of how much money he must give away each year“.

In the meantime, Yoo Jae Suk had made news the previous year after it had first come to light that he provides money to offset the price of surgery for patients who are unable to afford the charges of hospitalization.

A post with a similar message went viral in February 2021 after it revealed that Yoo Jae Suk foots the bill for approximately one surgery every month for people whose lives are complicated by adverse conditions.



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