5 Photos That Shows Ma Dong Seok’s True Personality Which Is Completely Different From His Tough Character In “The Roundup”

Ma Dong Seok stunned the crowd with his spectacular action performance in ‘The Roundup’

Ma Dong Seok‘s muscular figure like CG led to nicknames like ‘Forearm Fairy’ and ‘National Treasure-class forearm’

Ma Dong Seok, who portrays tremendous masculinity in his work, is soft and pleasant in nature and has been nicknamed ‘Marble‘ by fans.

Let’s explore Ma Dong Seok’s anti-war charms.

A smile that disarms you instantly

Ma Dong Seok‘s expressionless smile is menacing but disarming.

Ma Dong Seok’s eyebrows and smiling lips double his innocence.

Ma Dong Seok‘s grin makes others happy.

A sweet man who loves little animals

Ma Dong Seok, who has a’spicy’ fist, is afraid of touching little animals.

A photo of Ma Dong Seok posing with chicks has been popular. Ma Dong Seok said he was terrified of breaking the chick if he put it on his hand and gave it force because he was weak.

Ma Dong Seok expressed his love for animals by posting an Instagram snap of him cradling a kitten he met on set.

Ma Dong Seok often posted photos of himself holding kittens and dogs on social media.

Physical makes food’miniatures’

Ma Dong Seok recently posted a snapshot of a small popcorn bucket.

Compared to Ma Dong Seok‘s huge forearm, it produces an optical illusion of being little.

Ma Dong Seok, holding the espresso cup and cookie, making the coffee cup’super-mini’ size, which was delightful.

The delight of physically interacting with children

In 2018, Ma Dong Seok posted a photo of himself with child actress Choi Yu Ri on Instagram.

Ma Dong Seok and Choi Yu Ri smiled for the photo. Choi Yu Ri was seen playing from Ma Dong Seok‘s arm in another snap.

The play only Ma Dong Seok, who has incredible power and thick forearms, can do captivated onlookers.

He only follows his lover in Instagram

Ma Dong Seok began dating 17-year-old model Ye Jung Hwa in 2016 and was her only Instagram follower.

Currently, he follows two accounts, including the official ‘The Eternals’ account.

Ma Dong Seok, who has 1 million followers, exclusively followed his lover’s account.

Contrary to his casual appearance, Ma Dong Seok‘s loving behavior makes fans swoon.


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