Netizens Chose 5 Korean Celebrities Famous For Their Weight Loss Transformation

Many people perceive diet as a ‘lifetime assignment‘.

For individuals who are wandering around without understanding the appropriate approach to diet, what if there is a star who regularly teaches healthy and delicious diets and exercises that help them get in shape?

Many stars have succeeded in losing weight without yo-yo.

Let’s take a look at who is the “God of Self-Management” celebrity who has kept a slim body for several years and is likely to make a hit if they does “YouTube Exercise“.

Kim Shin Young

Comedian Kim Shin Young, known for her “diet evangelist“, has been maintaining her weight for 12 years after losing 38kg.

She lost weight after hearing from her doctor that her health could be at risk if she didn’t lose weight.

Kim Shin Young, who has a girl group body, has featured on numerous shows and advocated healthy meals and vigorous workout methods, disclosing her own diet ideas.

Park Boram

Singer Park Boram, who weighed 77kg, reduced 32kg with continuous management for four years, gaining significant attention.

She has become a wannabe of “dieters” with her attractiveness that has gotten noticeably prettier after successful dieting.

Park Boram has revealed a complete diet, revealing that she eats snacks at night after exercising, but replaces them with almonds and cabbage.

VIVIZ’s Umji

Umji, who was chubby, lost a lot of weight following her debut and became mature.

Currently, Umji enjoys eating salad with a lot of veggies such as vegetables, almonds, and chicken breasts, and maintains a slim shape.

She stated that she normally manages waste discharge with water with lemon or lime juice and warms up with stretching before going to bed.

Kang So Ra

Actress Kang So Ra has made news for dropping more than 20 kg, which weighed up to 72 kilograms.

Since the success of her diet, Kang So Ra has maintained a strong body with volume.

To prevent binge eating, she stated she always eats three meals a day on time and never consumes late-night snacks.

Kang So Ra also highlighted her affection for exercise, adding, “I try to move as much as I can“.

Kang Mi Na

Singer Kang Mi Na lost her attractive plump cheeks with a successful diet and has matured features and a thin figure.

In the beginning of her diet, Kang Mi Na blindly quit consuming carbohydrates to lose weight swiftly. However, because to this, he had a hard time suffering from side effects of yo-yo and decreased immune.

After that, he makes exercise a habit I succeeded in losing a healthy weight.

Kang Mi Na usually appreciates “rapid walking exercise” to the extent that she listed diet and walking as determinants for diet success.



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