Lee Seung Gi Finally Speaks Up About His Breakup Rumors With Lee Da In

Singer and actor Lee Seung Gi has expressed his position on the rumor of breaking up with Lee Da In, who has been floating around a lot.

On June 5th, Lee Seung Gi posted a long article on his official website, expressing his feelings recently. 

Lee Seung Gi said, “I think our past year has been a year when we were very sick, hurt, and lack of communication with each other, so I open my mouth after a long consideration“.

Lee Seung Gi has been in an open relationship with Lee Da In since May 2021. He has been embroiled in rumors of a breakup several times since he started an open relationship, but he did not express his position.

In this regard, Lee Seung Gi said, “First of all, I thought that my thoughts would not be clearly conveyed due to emotional words, and if that happens, there will be only more misunderstandings and scars“.

Secondly, I was worried that our own communication and stories would be distorted into secondary rumors, and that more people would be hurt and used as another gossip for someone“, he said. “I hope you understand that we didn’t talk much about the opinions of some people“.

However, Lee Seung Gi said that he did not make additional comments on the part because there was no change in his position or personality after the romance rumor, and that he did not feel much need to do so.

Lee Seung Gi apologized to the fans who were disappointed about this and said, “I want to comfort you, and please blame my lack and understand generously.”

Meanwhile, Lee Seung Gi is set to appear in KBS2‘s new drama “The Law Cafe”, which will premiere in August, and Lee Da In is considering his next film after SBS‘ “Alice“.



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