Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Thank Viewers And Say Farewell To “Queendom 2” on Instagram After Successful Final Episode

Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon said goodbye to Mnet‘s “Queendom 2.”

Taeyeon posted two photos on her Instagram story on the afternoon of June 5th, with a message saying, “She gave me a bouquet of flowers as soon as the last live broadcast of “Queendom 2” ended.”

The released photo shows Taeyeon holding a bouquet of flowers and taking a proof shot. Her fair skin and lovely smile that stand out more than flowers attract attention.

At the same time, Taeyeon expressed her gratitude, saying, “To the production staff who have worked hard for several months, I sincerely thank the lack of Grandmaster Taengoo“.

At the same time, Taeyeon said, “I will remember everything without forgetting it”, and vowed, “I will also become a better singer“.

Mnet‘s entertainment program “Queendom 2“, which ended on June 2nd, is a survival program in which six idol teams released singles at once and competed for comeback. Taeyeon, who was in charge of the grand master, showed her smooth hosting skills throughout the show, and encouraged junior singers with sincere advice and friendly aspects.

Girls’ Generation, which Taeyeon belongs to, will make a full comeback in August to commemorate the 15th anniversary of its debut.



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