ASTRO’s Moonbin Blessed His Japan Fans By Daringly Performed Shirtless On Stage And It Is Iconic

ASTRO‘s Moonbin showed his seductive charm in Japan.

From June 3 to 4, ASTRO held “STARGAZER: The 3rd ASTROAD to Japan” in Japan and met worldwide fans.

On this day, when all the members showed off their talents during the concert, Moonbin‘s shirtless dancing became a hot issue.

Moonbin, who showed off his strong and muscular figure, executed a powerful choreography by bending his upper body back.

Moonbin flexibly danced to the song, showing off his sexy and fatal figure.

After that, Moonbin attracted female fans by dancing to the fast tempo.

The image of Moonbin enjoying the stage with a bright smile and refreshing energy made onlookers feel wonderful.

Fans hailed Moonbin‘s bright and adorable smile and maintained the concert fever.

Meanwhile, at the concert, ASTRO sang various songs such as “When you call my name“, “You should have caught me“, “Cry“, and “Crazy Sexy Cool“, which are loved by overseas fans too.

After their spectacular solo concert in Japan, ASTRO will continue to engage with global fans.



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