Actor Son Seok Koo Dominates June Drama Actor Brand Reputation Ranking Surpassing Lee Byung Hun And Shin Min Ah

Actor Son Seok Koo, who has recently reached his heyday, has proven himself to be a “trend“.

On June 5th, the Korea Corporate Reputation Research Institute announced that Son Seok Koo ranked first in the big data analysis of the brand reputation of the drama actor.

The result was indexed by the brand reputation algorithm by measuring 57,138,259 brand big data of 50 popular actors from the 5th of last month to the 5th of June.

As a result of measuring consumers’ brand participation, media volume, traffic, and communication volume, Son Seok Koo was analyzed with a participation index of 1,033,712, a media index of 713,514, a communication index of 1,873,737, and a community index of 702,124. As a result, Son Seok Koo’s total brand reputation index was 4,323,087.

Koo Chang Hwan, director of the Korea Corporate Reputation Research Institute, said, “Son Seok Koo, who ranked first in the drama actor brand reputation in June 2022, showed high “respect”, “thank you”, and “hard acting” in the big data link analysis, and in the keyword analysis, “Mr. Gu”, “Liberation Notes”, and “Kim Ji Won” came out high. In the positive-negative ratio analysis, the positive ratio was analyzed to be 84.57%“.

Son Seok Koo‘s figure was also unique and drew attention.

Actor Lee Byung Hun, who took second place, had a total brand reputation index of 2,615,212, and actor Shin Min Ah, who ranked third, had a brand reputation index of 2,420,996.

Following the three, Lee Joon Gi (2,306,450), Lee Min Ki (2,019,927), Im Soo Hyang (1,978,593), and Han Ji Min (1,910,029) were ranked in that order.

On the other hand, Son Seok Koo made his debut in the drama “Sense8 Season 2” in 2017, and has since built up his filmography by digesting various genres including dramas “Mother“, “Matrimonial Chaos” and “D.P.”.

Recently, through the JTBC drama “My Liberation Notes” and the movie “The Outlaws 2“, they are showing their unique charm and experiencing explosive popularity.

Son Seok Koo, a “popular actor“, is about to film the webtoon-based drama “The Murderer Toy” as his next work.



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