Netizens Claim These Are Alleged Proof That Mnet Rigged “Queendom 2” Final Result, Fans Demand Explanation

The final winner of the global comeback war ‘Queendom 2‘ has been decided.

In the final broadcast of Mnet’s ‘Queendom 2‘ aired on June 2nd, the process of determining the final winning team after the final contest was drawn.

The final winning team was decided by adding 40,000 points from three pre-contests and 60,000 points from the finals.

In the meantime, the pre-competition rankings were 6th place Kep1er, 5th LOONA, 4th VIVIZ, 3rd Brave Girls, 2nd WJSN, and 1st Hyolyn.

The comeback music score was 6th place Hyolyn, 5th Brave Girls, 4th Kep1er, 3rd VIVIZ, 2nd WJSN, and 1st LOONA.

After showing the final contest stage, the pre-contest video score was also released. This time, the 1st place was LOONA, VIVIZ was in 2nd place, Kep1erand Hyolyn was in 3rd, 4th was WJSN, and Brave Girls was in 6th.

LOONA was nominated for the championship, but in the end, it was WJSN who had the last laugh. The members burst into tears and expressed their feelings of victory.

After the broadcast, some online communities argued about the fairness of the broadcast. The Mnet contest program had to go through controversy over score manipulation every time, including the ‘Produce’ series.

On the online community Nate board , an article titled ‘Ask for the Truth from the Producers of Queendom 2’ gained sympathy. The author said, “All the teams worked hard and worked hard, but I think the results should be fair. I hope the production team will clarify various suspicions.”

He pointed out five things. The first was to accurately disclose the amount of music streaming .

Other reasons included why the YouTube scoring standard was changed just before, real-time voting volume, clearly revealing what the scoring standard is, and clearly revealing what the mediation streaming standard is.

Some say that duplicate streaming seems to have been excluded from the score, but most of them are agreeing to disclose the exact number. (Online community reaction)



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