Mnet Responds To Alleged Score Manipulation Controversy Against “Queendom 2” Final Result

Mnet “Queendom 2” actively addressed the issue of score manipulation in the last live broadcast, which had been highlighted by certain viewers.

On the afternoon of May 3rd, Mnet‘s “Queendom 2” side told TV Daily, “As previously reported, in the “Queendom 2” official playlist, only one ID per day (multiple possibilities, non-overlapping) was reflected in the music score.”

All of this music score data was controlled by the music streaming service,” they explained, “and the final score was compiled and sent to the production team of “Queendom 2.

The voting observers confirmed that the data was reflected in the broadcast,” they said, “and thank you for your interest to the very end.”

Previously, several netizens suspected that the “music score” had been manipulated with, but Mnet quickly clarified and denied the allegations.

The complete statement of Mnet’s official stance on “Queendom 2” is shown below:

We gathered song scores from the global music streaming service in order to hear the different voices of global K-POP lovers.

As previously stated, the music score only reflects one ID each day (many possibilities, non-overlapping), all of this music score data is controlled by the music streaming service, and the final score is aggregated and submitted to the “Queendom 2” production team.

Furthermore, vote observers confirmed that the data was accurately reflected in the broadcast.

Thank you for sticking with “Queendom 2” to the finish.



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