Fans Went Crazy Over ITZY Yuna’s Perfect Back Body Line

ITZY’s Yuna’s superior body captured the attention of netizens.

An article titled ‘ITZY Yuna’s crazy body line’ has recently been posted on several online communities such as Formos and Efem Korea .

The author of the article said, “Both the front and back are fraudulent characters, Yuna is the trend,” and posted several pictures and gifs.

In the gif, Yuna wearing a light pink jumpsuit was seen walking while sweeping her long hair from the back during the choreography.

While the waist, which looked smaller than a handful, was emphasized due to the tight outfit, the strong legs of the pelvis and lower body attracted attention.

Netizens showed reactions such as “It’s so pretty”, “She has a thin waist (pelvis),” and “It’s uniquely pretty”.

Yuna, who was born in 2003 and just turned 20 this year, is the tallest in the team at 170cm. During her elementary school years, she excelled in her athletics, playing as a floorball player. 

She made her debut in February 2019 when she joined the girl group ITZY as the youngest. 



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