“Single’s Inferno” Song Jia Returns To Instagram And Updates Fans On Her Condition

After almost 5 months of controversy over wearing fake luxury products, YouTuber FreeZia (Song Jia) left a post on SNS.

FreeZia posted a short message on Instagram and shared a photo of her current condition on the afternoon of June 2nd. “Thank you for your concern and support, I am healthy and well, how are you all doing?” she addressed the fans.

FreeZia is wearing a white t-shirt and pants in the posted photo, and she is relaxing amid the greenery of nature.

Within 30 minutes of being posted, the SNS post had 110,000 likes and 9,000 comments. Comments of support and encouragement flooded in from both domestic and international netizens.

In January, FreeZia was heavily criticized by the public for the controversy surrounding the wearing of counterfeit luxury products.

At the time, FreeZia sent an apology video and text message, and all social media and YouTube videos were handled discreetly. She then ceased all activities and went into self-reflection.



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