SEVENTEEN’s Woozi Can’t Help But Blush When Talking Closely With IU

IU is beautiful and classy at the last Cannes Film Festival 2022

Referring to the faces of the Cannes Film Festival 2022, it is difficult to ignore the “national sister” IU.

The singer’s beautiful appearance like a fairy is praised by the media from all over the world, deserving of the title of the leading beauty in the music industry of Kimchi.

Through just a few photos, IU’s charming and pure beauty is enough to conquer the viewer. So what if I could stand close to talk with this Korean-class beauty?

This is a question that many fans are extremely curious about, which happened to be answered through the latest episode of IU’s Palette – IU’s YouTube TV show.

5 members of SEVENTEEN were guests on episode 12 of IU’s Palette

The guests of this episode are the members of the boy group SEVENTEEN.

The 5 guests all expressed their admiration for IU’s talent and beauty.

In particular, member Woozi didn’t even dare to look the female idol straight in the eye because she was so confused by her beautiful, fairy-like appearance.

The beauty of the female idol makes 5 guests confused and shy when sitting opposite
The beauty of the female idol makes 5 guests confused and shy when sitting opposite
Woozi is shy when behind is a beautiful and classy Korean music star
The male idol blushed when IU moved to sit in the back
Close-up of IU’s flawless beauty

Woozi’s reaction made netizens extremely excited and shared strongly on forums. Most of the audience acknowledged that, even though she didn’t attend the cult event, wearing a very simple outfit, IU was still able to defeat the other person thanks to her radiant beauty.

Netizens even expressed their desire for Woozi and IU to embark on a new music project because both are talented “hit-makers” of the Kpop music industry.

Some comments from the audience:

  • OMG, Woozi can’t turn around to look IU in the eye.
  • So cute!
  • His ears are on fire.
  • Look sweetie!

-WooU (the combination of Woozi and IU’s names) can have a collab?



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