Netizens Think BIGBANG’s G-Dragon Is “Moving On” As As He Cuts His Hair In Latest Instagram Update

BIGBANG’s G-Dragon, who was engulfed in rumors of a breakup with BLACKPINK Jennie, posted a meaningful photo as if he was trying to contain BTS’ V, drawing attention.

On May 31st, G-Dragon posted a picture of his long hair cut on his Instagram.

It seems that he, who has been sticking to long hair for a long time, boldly cut his hair and tried to change his style.

In the midst of this, speculation continues that he may have posted a photo of Jennie and V with his hair cut after seeing a long-haired photo of BTS’ V, which was rumored to be dating.

It’s because this isn’t the first time they’ve posted pictures of them fighting each other on Instagram.

After rumors of a breakup between G-Dragon and Jennie broke out, rumors of a relationship between Jennie and V went viral.

G-Dragon changed the Instagram profile picture of the brand account of ‘Peace Minus One’, a fashion brand that he and his older sister, to middle finger‘.

Also, early last month, V posted a picture of a withering daisy flower. The daisy flower is the signature icon of Peace Minus One.

Then G-Dragon posted a picture of a fresh daisy flower as if revealing his health.

After that, on the 30th of May, G-Dragon posted several pictures with the words “Libre comme les nuages” (free like the clouds), and on the same day, V posted a picture of himself enjoying indoor skydiving with the words “Let’s go cloud-picking“.

Meanwhile, rumors of a dating relationship have been sparked recently when it was caught that Jennie and V, who were supposed to be on vacation, were enjoying their vacation on Jeju Island.

While various speculations are rife among netizens, V, Jennie, and G-Dragon have not yet released an official position on this.



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