Netizens Have A Crazy Theory About The Love Triangle Between BIGBANG’s G-Dragon, BTS’ V, and BLACKPINK’s Jennie, And It Could Be True

The love drama between BTS V, BLACKPINK Jennie, and G-Dragon is still a hot topic of discussion on social networks.

After guessing the real relationship of V and Jennie, people suddenly turned to find out the evidence of the relationship of… G-Dragon and V.

The incident started on May 30, V uploaded a photo of blue sky and white clouds with the caption, “Hello”. G-Dragon also posted a new series of photos with the caption, “Free like the clouds”. Soon, V responded to a photo of him playing a game of flying in a greenhouse with the message: “Let’s touch the clouds”.

The cloud is the common ground…
…in G-Dragon’s recent image…
… and DRAW

Many fans think that Jennie’s old and new “rumor love” are targeting each other. But there are also some funny fans who think that the cloud is the “lovestagram” of V and G-Dragon.

Many netizens left funny comments: “Are V and G-Dragon watching each other’s every move?“, “G-Dragon and V are dating, the one connecting them is Jennie”, “This situation is a bit funny and weird”, “Fan is confused, but the two are having fun”…

Doubts about V and Jennie’s affection arose after a photo that is said to be two driving stars secretly dating in Jennie.

Both management companies HYBE and YG did not speak up, making people “lucky”. At this moment, G-Dragon made a series of extreme moves, making people think that Jennie broke up with him and went to a new love V.

This photo is said to be of V and Jennie secretly dating in Jeju
The couple also revealed other dating evidence, that is, check-in at a little-known clothing store in Los Angeles, USA.
G-Dragon has made a series of extreme moves such as…
… changed the brand’s profile picture, unfollowed, deleted Jennie’s photo, sent a message allegedly aimed directly at V and Jennie: “I used to be a good fighter. I won the first few matches. Then I got stuck. trouble. They make me fight. And again, I’m a good fighter.”



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