IU Reveals How Her Mom Inspired Her Since The Start, Then Became A Donating Angel

Singer-actress IU’s parents’ economic status caught the attention of netizens. 

On May 25th, on the online community Theku , an article titled ‘Something unexpected about IU’s mother’s mind’ was posted.

The article contains scenes where IU appeared on a TV show in the past and talked about her parents’ economic ideas. 

In the past, IU appeared on a TV show and talked about her family’s difficult circumstances before her debut.

” I paid it off a while ago,” she said, revealing her parents’ economic status. 

In another broadcast, about the reason for making a donation, she said, “My mother’s dream is to run an orphanage. She is still doing work for the sake of her dreams. A mother’s rule is ‘No touch on my daughter’s income’. It started in one corner of Namdaemun Market and is now running a small business. I wish I could give her a chance to do filial piety, but I’m upset that she didn’t do it. The older she got, the more proud my mother was,”

The article also includes photos of cookies, tumblers, and concert cushions that her parents gave to the staff whenever IU worked.

Netizens who saw the post exclaimed, “I planted goodness and got IU”, “Your mother seems wise”, “Your mother is so cool”, “You seem to have been greatly influenced by wonderful parents”.

Meanwhile, IU attended the 75th Cannes International Film Festival with the movie ‘Broker last month. Song Kang Ho, who played the lead role, became the first Korean male actor to win the Best Actor Award at the Cannes International Film Festival.



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