Fans Are Convinced That Actor Son Seok Koo’s Family Is Extremely Rich — Here’s Why

Popular actor Son Seok Koo’s unexpected daughter-in-law was revealed.

In the 15th episode of Mnet’s entertainment show ‘TMI NEWS SHOW’, which was aired on the afternoon of June 1st, it was decorated with stars who hit the jackpot as secondary characters.

The list of celebrities from 1st to 11th has been revealed. Son Seok Koo took 9th place in the ranking.

Son Seok Koo‘s daughter-in-law was the CEO of a small and medium-sized business. The company he works for is a machine parts manufacturer located in Daejeon, which exports products to about 10 countries including the United States, Canada, and Japan.

The company’s sales are estimated to be about 2.68 billion won as of 2021. Son Seok Koo owns a 34.3% stake.

He has been involved in company management before his debut, but it is known that the Son Seok Koo family is rich.

Recently, the keyword ‘Son Seok Koo‘ is a regular conversation topic among broadcasters and film industry officials.

In particular, Son Seok Koo‘s popularity is skyrocketing as the mysterious character Goo in the JTBC drama ‘My Liberation Notes‘. 

Son Seok Koo is gaining popularity not only in ‘My Liberation Notes’ but also as the villainous kidnapper Kang Hae Sang in the drama ‘The Roundup.

The Roundup‘ exceeded 7 million cumulative audiences (based on the Cinema Promotion Committee’s integrated computer network for movie theaters) within 14 days of its release.



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