IU Was Asked To Choose Between “Eat Without Rice” And “Eat Without Gaining Weight”, And Her Answer Shocked Everyone

Netizens were drawn to singer IU‘s Q&A response.

On the 31st, the YouTube channel “Kakao Page” aired a video titled “Revealing the Superpowers and Answers IU Wanted“.

Kakao Page had earlier on the 25th broadcast a superhero video that IU had requested.

In the video, IU was asked to select between “Eat without rice vs. You don’t gain weight no matter how much you eat“.

IU picked “I don’t have to eat rice” in the video. “When my appetite is regulated, I sometimes don’t know what to eat, I get a lot of food waste, and when my hunger is controlled, I think it’s best not to eat“, IU explained.

There are so many tasty things in the world,” said one netizen, “I don’t get it“, “I’m definitely 2“, and “I can’t because I’m greedy“.



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