Past Video of Son Seok Koo and Lee El’s Kissing Scene in “Matrimonial Chaos” Resurfaces, Making Netizens Want More

Actor Son Seok Koo has recently succeeded in the box office success of the movie ‘The Roundup’ and the JTBC drama ‘My Liberation Notes’, and is emerging as a popular actor.

While everyone is greatly cheering for Son Seok Koo‘s fatal charm, the ‘hot’ kissing scene he showed with actor Lee El in KBS2’s ‘The Best Divorce’ in 2018 is being highlighted again.

Lee Jang Hyun(Son Seok Koo) and Jin Yoo Young (Lee El), who got married in the last episode of KBS2’s “Matrimonial Chaos”, showed affection by kissing passionately at a party after the wedding.

After kissing Jin Yoo Young lightly, Lee Jang Hyun gave his deep eyes and gently embraced her on the shoulder, and began to kiss her deeply.

His fluttering smile, sharp jawline, and warm and powerful hand wrapped around Jin Yoo Young‘s waist were enough to captivate women’s hearts at once.

In addition, even after the kiss with Jin Yoo Young ended, Lee Jang Hyun smiled brightly and flew cute kisses, showing off her cute charm.

Many people who saw this expressed their wish for Son Seok Koo to shoot a deep romance as his next film.

It is said that he wants to meet Son Seok Koo‘s mature sexy beauty and unripe melodramatic acting in his next work.

Everyone seems to be immersed in his colorful charms that can be digested from action to melodrama.

Meanwhile, Son Seok Koo, who made his debut in the drama ‘Sense 8 Season 2‘ in 2017, made his name known by appearing in various works such as the Netflix series ‘DP‘ and JTBC’s ‘Melodrama‘.

He is currently busy filming Disney Plus’ new series ‘Casino‘ in the Philippines.


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