Actress Go Hye Sun Immediately Sells Out The Dress She Wore On Her CF

The hot pink dress worn by actress Go Hye Sun is as hot as the color is.

Go Hye Sun posted several photos on her Instagram on May 31st, saying, “I have received a lot of inquiries about the dress I wore in the TRY commercial, so I’ll pass it on.”

The photos contain scenes from the CF filmed by Go Hye Sun. She is staring at the camera in a hot pink wrap dress on the beach.

Pink mist like cotton candy and eyes wet with rain create a dreamy yet mysterious atmosphere.

Go Hye Sun announced, “I bought the dress for 30,000 won and filmed it. Currently, they are all sold out. -Director Ku-“

Netizens commented, “It costs 30,000 won, but Go Hye Sun wears it, so it looks like 30 million won”, “Importance of hangers”, “I think it’s prettier because my sister wears it”.

Go Hye Sun worked as an advertising model for TRY and a TV CF director. For this project, he produced a music video advertisement with his self-composed song ‘Were You Happy’.


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