“Our Blues” Lee Jung Eun Melted Hearts By Taking Sign Language Class To Personally Get Closer With Lee So Byul

Actress Lee Jung Eun revealed that she is learning sign language from deaf actress Lee So Byul, who has a relationship with ‘Our Blues’.

On May 30th, magazine Cosmopolitan Korea released an interview with Lee Jung Eun and Lee So Byul, who are performing as a family in tvN’s ‘Our Blues’.

Cosmopolitan Korea said that Lee Jung Eun, who was asked for an interview, first proposed that she wanted to work with Lee So Byul.

Regarding her relationship with Lee Jung Eun, Lee So Byul said, “After filming, we met personally and talked, and Jung-eun unnie said that she wanted to learn sign language, so we got closer while taking a sign language class together.”

Lee Jung Eun said that she was interested in the fact that writer Noh Hee Kyung of ‘Our Blues’ appeared in a drama as a deaf character, Byul Yi, in the role of a deaf person, Lee So Byul.

Lee Jung Eun praised Lee So Byul, saying, “I actually met her and she is a very pretty friend who always smiles.”

In addition, Lee Jung Eun explained that she wanted to learn sign language in order to communicate with her and introduce Lee So Byul here and there with the warm heart of a senior.

The couple pictorial of Lee Jung-eun and Lee So-byul, released along with the interview, showed the two actors expressing sign language directly.

The main line of the play ‘Break’ in which Lee So Byul participated is “Life leads itself that way even if I don’t choose”, and it consists of motions applied to it.

Meanwhile, it is known that Lee So Byul suffered damage to her eardrum from measles when she was 3 years old, lost her hearing, and was living with a hearing aid.



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