“Our Blues” Lee Jung Eun And Lee So Byul Stuns In New, Sign Language Pictorial For Cosmopolitan

Actors Lee Jung-Eun and Lee So Byul challenged sign language pictorials.

On May 30th, Cosmopolitan released a couple pictorial of actors Lee Jung Eun and Lee So Byul, who are appearing in the tvN Saturday drama ‘Our Blues’.

In this pictorial, the two actors directly express sign language. After she met the deaf actress Lee So Byul in ‘Our Blues’, Lee Jung Eun told him that she was learning sign language herself. 

“I’m glad that writer Noh Hee Kyung introduced a deaf person in a drama, so I was interested. Seeing him on set, he was a very handsome friend. I wanted to introduce him here and there from the perspective of a senior. But if you don’t know sign language, you don’t know Sobyeol’s language. “He explained the reason for learning sign language.

On the other hand, this sign language pictorial was made up of motions applied to the mainline of the play ‘Break‘ in which Lee So Byul participated, “Life leads itself that way even if I don’t choose”. 

To the question of “Is life long or short?“, Lee Jung Eun gave the opposite answer, “It’s short because it’s passed”, and Lee So Byul, “It just feels long.”

 More details can be found on the ‘Cosmopolitan’ website and in the June 2022 issue.


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