JEON SOMI Teams Up With Jewelry Brand Buccellati For A Photoshoot with Harper’s Bazaar Korea

The digital cover of <Harper’s Bazaar> with Buccellati and Jeon So Mi has been released.

Bucellati is an Italian high jewelry brand founded in 1919, pursuing Renaissance tradition, thorough craftsmanship, and timeless beauty. You can see a collection of high-end jewelery that is so colorful and presentable. 

This pictorial focused on the cool encounter between Bucellati, who boasts a 100-year history, and Jeon So Mi, a 22-year-old who has irreplaceable charm. 

As an icon of the MZ generation, Jeon So Mi perfectly digested the colorfully designed jewelry with a plump charm.

From the bright smile of ‘human vitamin’ to the rebellious eyes, Jeon So Mi‘s photogenic expression and pose are the point of view of this pictorial.

 Here, a casual T-shirt styling with a reversal of beauty was added to complete the jewelry pictorial that was cooler than ever. 

The pictorial with Buccellati and Jeon So Mi can be found in the June issue of Harpers Bazaar, on the website


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