Actress Jun Ji Hyun Decides Not To Renew With Culture Depot After 10 Years Together

Actor Jun Ji Hyun makes a new start.

On May 30th, Sports Chosun reported, Jun Ji Hyun is leaving the cultural warehouse to stand alone.”

In response, Culture Depot said, “We have a contract with Jun Ji Hyun until the end of June.”

Although Jun Ji Hyun received love calls from numerous agencies for her role in the movie ‘The Thieves‘ in 2012, it is said that she moved to the Cultural Depot to keep her loyalty to CEO Kim Seon Jeong, whom she had known for a long time.

After that, Jun Ji Hyun worked with the Cultural Depot for a whopping 10 years, laying the foundation for her agency.

Currently, the cultural warehouse includes Seo Ji Hye, Kim So Hyun, Yoon Ji Min, Yoon Ji On, and Han Dong Ho.

Previously, Jun Ji Hyun established Ieum Hashtag Co., Ltd. with CEO Kim Seon Jeong in 2020. It has not been revealed whether Jun Ji Hyun will go for the Ieum hashtag or choose to stand alone.

Meanwhile, Jun Ji Hyun said last month that she had renewed her contract with chicken brand bhc for the ninth year.


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