Netizens Spark Online Debate Over Knowing Bros’ Lee Jin Ho Referring to Jang Won Young as His “Wife”

Jang Won Young, a minor idol, was recently named in JTBC‘s “Knowing Bros“, sparking a heated discussion among netizens.

Members of the group “SEVENTEEN” appeared as guests on the episode of “Knowing Bros” broadcast on the 28th.

On today’s program, the participants played a game called “Look at the Monitor“, in which they guessed the individual by glancing at the picture.

When Jang Won Young‘s image showed on the monitor, Lee Sang Min responded promptly, “IVE“.

When Judge Shin Dong said, “Oh, who’s this?Lee Sang Min replied, “She’s our sister-in-law.” Kang Ho Dong requested, “It’s been a long time. Send her a video letter,” after Lee Jin Ho revealed, “She was my wife in a skit.

Lee Jin Ho then asked, “Honey, how are you?” and asked Park Min Sun, his partner in another comedy, “Mi Dal’s mother, how are you?

However, following the show, some viewers complained on the viewer’s bulletin board, writing:

  • “I don’t like what you say to a minor, ‘my sister-in-law’ and ‘honey'” ,
  • “Do you believe you can say ‘my wife’ joke forever?”



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