“My Liberation Notes” Cast Says Their Final Goodbyes Ahead Of Last Episode

Lee Min Ki, Kim Ji Won, Son Seok Koo, and EL each talked ahead of the end of “My Liberation Notes.”

With only the last page left on May 27th, JTBC’s Saturday-Sunday drama ‘My Liberation Notes’ (played by Hae-Young Park, directed by Seok-Yun Kim) has emerged as a ‘drama of life for many people with sympathy, comfort, and healing. and expectations.

First of all, Lee Min Ki took on the role of Yeom Chang Hee, the second of three siblings, and led the play with pleasant acting.

In episodes 13 and 14, Yeom Chang Hee‘s full-fledged change was drawn. The image of Yeom Chang Hee, who chose her own path, rather than being dragged along with her other people’s lives, left a calm resonance.

Lee Min Ki drew attention not only for Yeom Chang Hee‘s true feelings, but also for realistically portraying her emotional changes after her mother died.

Lee Min Ki said, “I’ve been watching the drama in viewer mode so far, so it’s a pity that it’s already the last week” and “I think I’ll be waiting for the last broadcast with the thought of ‘I have to send it well’. I sincerely thank the viewers who loved me. I want to sympathize with you and share Changhee’s feelings.”

In the remaining episodes 15 and 16, as time passes, Yeom Chang Hee, who has become more mature than before, is expected to be drawn.

Lee Min Ki said, “The 15th and 16th episodes are drama awards, and the stories will come out after some time has passed.” He said, “You will get a different feeling from the previous stories.”

Through a series of events, the moments when Chang-hee understands her life are drawn. Please look forward to the ending of Chang Hee’s final story.” he continued.

Kim Ji Won, who showed a strong emotional performance as the youngest ‘Mijeong Yeom’, received a lot of attention from viewers.

As she drew her emotional line, which is the center of the play, her viewers were always immersed in empathizing with her feelings of lust, beauty, and justice.

Kim Ji Won said, “Time seems to go really fast. I think it was filmed for a short time, but it’s a pity that the broadcast ends too quickly.” And she said, “I always thought it was ‘good’ while I was filming the script, but it was another pleasure to see the stories of other characters that I had not filmed on the air.”

She expressed heraffection for the work, saying, “There were moments when I cried while watching the drama, I received a lot of comfort, and it felt good to be supported.”

Kim Ji Won, said, “I am so grateful that the characters seem to have been with me on the steps towards liberation.” There is a line in ‘I will become a different person when spring comes,’ It seems to contain the message ‘This will come’.”

“I don’t know what season the viewers are, but if there are people who are in a cold season like winter, I hope that the message of the work will be delivered to them.” She sent a warm message.

Finally, in the remaining episodes, Kim Ji Won said, “I think it would be good if you asked yourself what ‘liberation’ means to you, while looking forward to seeing how each character will get closer to the liberation they want.”

Son Seok Koo stood at the center of the topic by creating a character that was never before broken down into ‘Mr. Goo’.

Son Seok Koo said, “It was really nice to be able to have a lot of conversations with myself while carefully examining my family and friends to get to know Goo while filming.”

He also expressed his gratitude for the viewers’ interest, saying, “After the broadcast started, I was able to touch the various feelings of the viewers, and I was happy to get to know Mr. Goo more.”

The reunion of Goo and Mi Jeong Yeom is the most anticipated point for the remaining episodes. As time passed, Son Seok Koo became more curious about how he would portray the appearance of ‘Koo Ja Kyung’, which was different from the previous ‘Mr. Goo‘.

Son Seok Koo said, “I am really grateful to the viewers who wrote ‘My Liberation Notes’ and to Mr. Goo for giving me a valuable experience.”

“I hope that it will remain as a diary-like drama that I quietly take out when the broadcast ends and I read it alone when I have a hard time.” he said.

EL, who played the role of ‘Yeom Ki Jung’, the first of three siblings, showed off her anti-war charm and gave laughter and empathy with her acting transformation.

Even though she looks like a real older sister, she still seems a bit immature, and although she is clumsy in love, she has always digested the colorful charms of hot basic Jung. EL said, “I was happy to see the ratings rising little by little and to hear the word-of-mouth that filled the air much faster than the number.

If you happen to run into each other, hug me tightly,” he said, expressing his affection for the work and the characters.

Finally, EL said, “I hope that you will receive great comfort until the end, as always, when you see the three siblings, their father, and Goo, who are not at all different from others. I would appreciate it if you could watch it while imagining the story of the future that the three brothers and sisters who will live more normally than the viewers,”

Episode 15 of ‘My Liberation Notes’ will be broadcast at 10:30 pm on May 28th.


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