Photos of Aespa’s Winter in Pigtails Is Taking Over the Internet

The appearance of Aespa’s Winter on the stage of a university festival is becoming a hot topic.

On May 26th, the second day of the festival was held at the Seoul Campus of Hanyang University. The Hanyang University Festival ‘2022 Lazios’ starts on May 25th and runs until May 27th.

Band Jannabi and group Aespa appeared at the festival on this day, adding to the heat.

In particular, Aespa Winter‘s ‘two-pronged’ hairstyling became a big topic. Winter boasted an amazing beauty enough to admire.

Winter’s appearance on stage received explosive response, starting with various online communities, and only winter photos were continuously uploaded to the Hanyang University News H Instagram account where the festival was held.

Winter also appeared at Korea University’s ‘Seoktap Daedongje’ festival that day.

At Hanyang University, she appeared with a lively style, but at Korea University, she showed off her charm by unwinding her hair and appearing with sexy styling.

Aespa performed a total of 4 songs at the Hanyang University Lazios Festival, Black Mamba, Savage, Dreams Come True, and Next Level.

The following is a video of Winter’s stage at the time.


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