BTS Becomes The First KPOP Act To Launch Apple Music Solo Radio

The group BTS will join hands with Apple Music to host a solo radio show.

Apple Music and BTS will release “BTS Radio: Past & Present” on May 28th. BTS is the first Korean artist to launch a solo radio show on Apple Music.

BTS Radio: Past & Present” will be released in three episodes, one every week until June 10, starting with the first episode at 10 p.m. on May 28th on Apple Music 1, a radio program of Apple Music that broadcasts various music programs 24 hours a day.

In the first episode, BTS talks about the group’s beginnings, along with songs that helped shape their music and style.

The second episode, in which BTS personally selects and listens to ARMY‘s favorite songs, will be released on June 3rd, and in the last episode, BTS‘s journey and the road ahead will be shared with listeners around the world.

Regarding this, BTS said, “Through this radio show, we want to celebrate our 9th anniversary with our listeners and ARMYs around the world“. They said, “Every episode is for you. We want to share the songs of BTS that we made”.

Meanwhile, BTS will release their new album “Proof” on June 10th.



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