AKMU’s Lee Chan Hyuk Showed Off His Extraordinary Talent At An Ancient Festival With “Dumbling”

AKMU Lee Chan Hyuk showed off his overflowing talent and went up to the stage of the university festival, drawing cheers from fans.

On May 26th, AKMU participated in the Korea University Seoktap Daedong Festival celebration performance and presented a splendid stage.

Lee Chan Hyuk followed member Suhyeon Lee to the stage.

Lee Chan Hyuk, unable to control the excitement of the face-to-face performance, suddenly rolled forward and performed a dynamic performance, capturing the attention of Korea University students.Broadcasting Station KUBS’

Lee Chan Hyuk, who even landed perfectly, drew attention by reminiscent of an idol dance group.

As the audience heated up due to Lee Chan Hyuk‘s fan service, Lee Chan Hyuk grabbed the microphone with a satisfied smile.

On this day, Akmu started with ‘Battlefield‘, followed by ‘Falling, ‘Moving people’, ‘Don’t cross your legs’, ‘200%’, ‘A long long night’, ‘How can I love even the breakup, I love you’, etc. They sang songs and put on a wonderful performance for over 40 minutes.

Lee Chan Hyuk, who grew more and more excited during the performance, appeared to be immersed in music by making unusual movements and gestures.

He was absorbed in the song and frowned or touched his legs.

In the end, Lee Chan Hyuk was so immersed in the stage that he spoke more than usual and expressed the lyrics of the song in a delicious way.

Netizens who touched the stage showed their fan spirit by loving Lee Chan Hyuk, who radiates a charm that he doesn’t know where to go whenever he goes on stage.

In addition, fans responded enthusiastically to Lee Chan Hyuk, who always delighted the eyes and ears at the same time by giving the best performance, saying he was a true artist.



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