Seol In Ah In Talks To Star In A New Historical Drama “Oasis”

Actress Seol In Ah, who was loved through the drama ‘Business Proposal’, was once again in a slump.

Sports Chosun reported on May 26th that Seol In Ah has been cast as the main character of the new KBS2 drama ‘Oasis‘.

According to reports, ‘Oasis‘ is a work set in the turbulent Korea of ​​the 1980s and 1990s, and tells the story of the fierce lives, revenge and conflicts of young people who had to pursue power and wealth without choosing any means or methods amid false social values.

Seol In Ah takes on the role of Oh Jung Jin, a strong woman who becomes a cultural giant with a focus on career and revenge.

Actor Jang Dong Yoon is reported to be continuing positive discussions for the role of his counterpart, Lee Doo Hak.

In addition, the screenplay of ‘Oasis‘ is expected to take on the role of writer Jung Hyung Soo, who wrote ‘Damo’, ‘Jumong’, and ‘Jingbirok‘.

When the news of Seol In Ah’s next project was announced, netizens cheered and responded enthusiastically.

Netizens commented on the online community ‘The Coo’, “Oh, I’m looking forward to it”, “I like Jang Dong-yoon and Seol In-ah”, “I like historical dramas”, “Hull’s agency is moving and the main character is right away”, “Oh drama ‘School 2017’ couple reunion”, “Familiar It’s a good combination.”

Previously, Seol In Ah gained popularity by playing the role of Jinyoung Seo in SBS ‘Business Proposal’, which ended in April.

Thanks to her performance, ‘Business Proposal‘ recorded the highest viewership rating of 11.6% (Nielsen Korea standard) at the time of airing, showing high topicality every week.

Seol In Ah, who debuted in 2015, has been active in dramas such as ‘Sunny Again Tomorrow’, ‘Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life’, and ‘Queen Cheolin’, and gradually built up her filmography.

Recently, actors Kim Soo Hyun, Seo Ye Ji, and Kim Sae Ron have joined the Gold Medalist (GOLDMEDALIST), which has attracted attention.


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