Netizens Notice An Adorable Coincidence Regarding BTS’ Jimin’s Surprising Connection To Jennie and V’s Rumored Relationship

The dating rumors of Jennie (Blackpink) and V (BTS), the representative idol group in Korea, have been raised.

Previously, a photo of a man and woman presumed to be Jennie and V driving on Jeju Island was circulated online, leading to speculation that the two were on a trip to Jeju Island together and even rumors of a dating relationship.

Among them, many people mention Jennie and V’s dating rumors, EXO’s Kai, and BTSJimin.

Kai admitted dating Jennie in January 2019 but announced the breakup after 3 weeks of public dating.

Jimin is so close that he and Kai belong to the entertainment industry friendship group Friendship Paddings’.

In other words, Jimin is very close with Kai as well as V, a member of the same group.

For this reason, netizens are responding, “Did Jimin see two best friends dating a woman at different times?”

They also said, “If V and Jennie dating is true, then Jimin will be really in trouble” and “Honestly, it seems a bit awkward.”

On the other hand, Jennie’s agency, YG Entertainment, neither acknowledged nor denied the dating rumors.

YG Entertainment said, “I have nothing to tell you. If a different position emerges, I will pass it on to you.”



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