Most People Don’t Know “Cheese In The Trap” Was Actually Supposed To Star Suzy, Not Kim Go Eun

Kim Go Eun obtained her first TV lead role as a result of this beauty leaving the role.

Kim Go Eun is a talented young actress from Korea. She began her career as a film actress, with her first role in an 18+ indie film with numerous sensitive scenes.

That’s why, even in her early years, Kim Go Eun, no matter how good she was, was criticized by netizens for being only suitable for “hot” movies.

It wasn’t until 2016 that she break through to the small screen, landing the lead role in the TV show “Cheese In The Trap.”

Despite initial opposition since her appearance did not resemble the female lead in the webtoon, Kim Go Eun won over the audience with her great acting when the drama aired.

Cheese In The Trap” was not a huge success, but it did allow Kim Go Eun reach closer to millions of people, paving the way for a new chapter in her career.

Although “Cheese In The Trap” was eventually “high as a kite” due to the plot and “coup to side” controversy, it is still a commercially successful tvN series, with ratings reaching over 8%.

Success is like that, however it is well known that Kim Go Eun was not the producer of “Cheese In The Trap’s” first choice.

Suzy, the nation’s first love, was initially the focus of director Lee Yoon Jung, but she declined. It took a long time for Kim Go Eun to be officially chosen as Hong Seol.

Suzy chose the work “Uncontrollably Fond,” co-starring with Kim Woo Bin, as the reason for skipping “Cheese In The Trap” at the time.

Unfortunately, this work was not as successful as predicted, with the rating dropping from 12.5 percent in episode 1 to 8.4 percent in the final episode.

Not to add Suzy‘s performance in this film is controversial. The only redeeming factor is the heartbreaking finale of “Uncontrollably Fond,” which netizens keeps repeating until now.



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