Father Compensated 100 Million For Breaking The Statue, 2 Days Later The Store Apologized And Returned The Money

After the video was made public, the store was forced to apologize and return the money to the boy’s family.

On the evening of May 22, the event occurred at a toy store at the Langham Place shopping area in Hong Kong, China. Lucas, a 6-year-old boy, and his parents came here to shop.

When Lucas‘s father, Cheng Pok Man, went outside to answer the phone, he was startled to hear a tremendous commotion coming from within the store. He turned around to see his son standing close to the smashed Teletubbies statue.

According to the employees, Lucas did not accidently collide with the statue, but rather kicked it, causing the 1.8m-tall statue to tumble.

Recognizing his son’s serious consequences, Mr. Cheng promised to compensate the total statue worth of 52,800 Hong Kong dollars, but the shop owner only charged him a fee of 33,600 dollars.

Everything went nicely until a video surfaced on social media indicating that the boy Lucas did not kick in to cause the statue to topple as the staff claimed.

The truth has been revealed

As shown in the video, the boy simply ran into this statue by accident. Without any support, the statue, which was far larger than the boy’s body, suddenly tumbled down and broke in two.

Mr. and Mrs. Cheng immediately called the toy store and requested that they review and explain the incident. “He had to take a day off school today, and yesterday he even questioned me, why is that doll so scary?” said Mr. Cheng of the incident.

Many users expressed their discontent with the store’s behavior on social media. Because such a massive, valuable statue should be properly wrapped and placed in a safer position to avoid an unpleasant accident.

The business should have installed railings around the statue to safeguard passersby as well as the statue itself, which could easily collapse to pieces. Of course, we have responsibilities as parents because we did not keep a careful eye on our son,” the father stated.

The toy store, on the other hand, deleted the post explaining this situation on Facebook on Tuesday, May 24th, after receiving complaints from the Lucas family and a wave of criticism from social networks.

Furthermore, the store representative phoned the boy’s family to apologize for the mistake and to refund the full amount of prior compensation. The employee further stated that the statue has been on display at the store since November 2021 and has never given customers any issue.

Through the story, both the parents and the toy store should reconsider their mistakes.

The business, on the other hand, is committed to rethinking the layout of their premises, particularly the placement of major items such as the damaged statue above. “When presenting the products, we will analyze the safety level and learn from previous instances to avoid repeat incidents“, the spokesman stated.

When taking their children to the mall, especially where there are fragile and expensive things, parents should be extra vigilant in looking after the child, carefully teaching them to no such accidents occurred.



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