BLACKPINK Jennie Talks About Rapping, How They Make Their Songs + More In A Rolling Stone Interview

BLACKPINK on Rolling Stone

Preparing for the comeback after nearly 2 years of absence from the music industry, BLACKPINK has been working very hard in the past time.

Not disappointing the audience, even though the comeback is small, every time BLACKPINK comes back, there is enough ability to explode Kpop.

To have those successes, the girls had to practice and prepare every detail.

BLACKPINK’s music has always been colorful mixes and mixed with interesting musical materials. Prominent in the songs of the 4 girls is still the hip-hop spirit that YG orients for the “chicken”.

Sharing about Jennie’s hip-hop is creating a social media fever

Jennie – who is in charge of the main rapper position of BLACKPINK shared about the hip-hop quality in BLACKPINK’s music, making people admire it.

Attending Coachella as a fan of Brockhampton, Jennie shared: “I think hip-hop is not only about rapping. For example, Rihanna, she can turn everything into hip-hop. Hip-hop is what differentiates everyone.”

For me, hip-hop is the spirit of a cool vibe, swag, use whatever words you want. I think BLACKPINK’s hip-hop is hip-hop that people have probably never seen before.

4 members with youth and cultural diversity have used English and Korean to create pop products mixed with a bit of hip-hop.

BLACKPINK’s hip-hop quality in Jennie’s mind is the cool personality that comes from the members’ own personalities.
Jisoo reveals BLACKPINK participating in upcoming album production

If really cool rappers in America are doing “real hip-hop”, we’re just kids trying to learn more. Our hip-hop color isn’t rebellious, but it’s still cool. I don’t even define what hip-hop is, I just think it’s cool!”

According to the eldest sister, Jisoo, all 4 members participated in the album production from the very beginning.

“We don’t just get a finished song, we engage from the very beginning, building the blocks, adding one feeling or another to the song, communicating and giving feedback on the product. The creative process. This creation makes me feel proud of our music.If BLACKPINK only accepts pre-made songs, it feels very mechanical.I love the process more, because we want to be make their own products.” she said.

Regarding the time when BLACKPINK will be together, Jennie suggested that even if they are 70 years old and have different lives, the 4 girls will still be one: “I will still feel like I am BLACKPINK. It sounds corny but I don’t think BLACKPINK will end up in my heart. It’s part of the family. You can’t deny your family.”



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