3 Korean Stars Who Are Slowly Losing Their Popularity As A Result of Their Continued Roles In Bad Dramas

All of them were once prominent and promising actors of the Korean film industry, but these names are gradually losing their heat for many reasons, the biggest one is still choosing the script.

Song Hye Kyo

Used to be the queen of Korean screen ratings, but in recent years, Song Hye Kyo has received very few movies, both of the last two works are underrated.

Encounter with Park Bo Gum, although the rating was not bad, was considered a lackluster work. Not to mention many people are still malicious that because of this movie, Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki have just divorced.

The latest work, Now We Are Breaking Up , was considered a painful fall of Song Hye Kyo when the ratings were pathetic, and the comments on social networking platforms were also not very positive. Before this situation, Song Hye Kyo’s reputation was greatly affected.

Jang Ki Yong

Co-starring with Song Hye Kyo in Now We Are Breaking Up is Jang Ki Yong.

Before enlisting in the army, he worked very hard in art, continuously starring in two films of two different genres, Roommate Is Gumiho and Now We Are Breaking Up , unfortunately, both works were not very good. success.

Before he enlisted in the army, he had to be absent for a long time, many people were concerned that until he was discharged and re-exported, Jang Ki Yong would hardly regain his voice.

Ji Chang Wook

With abundant resources, Ji Chang Wook would have been even more successful if he knew how to choose the script.

Not far away, just the recent movie  Sound Of Magic is enough to see the problem of choosing Ji Chang Wook’s script.

Netflix has invested heavily in the Korean market for the past few years, almost never once failed, but  Sound Of Magic has deviated from the trajectory, not only poor but the content is also not appreciated. 


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