Uee Says She’s No Longer Obsessed With Her Body In Her Latest Pictorial With AtStyle Magazine

Actress Uee showed off her healthy beauty by saying that she was free from the obsession with her body.

Uee‘s pictorial and interview with AtStyle‘s June issue were released. Uee drew praise from the staff by perfectly digesting the concept with wine and golf.

In the tvN drama “Ghost Doctor“, which ended in February, Uee took on the role of Jang Se Jin, an overseas neurosurgeon, and showed off her charm.

Uee, who first tried medical dramas, said, “I was worried because there were a lot of medical terms, but I gained confidence because people around me gave me an unexpected response saying that it was ‘good’“.

Uee, who showed off her extraordinary chemistry with actors such as Jung Ji Hoon (Rain) and Kim Bum in “Ghost Doctor“.

In particular, regarding her collaboration with Son Naeun, she said, “Since we have something in common with girl group activities, we got to know each other more quickly even if we didn’t see each other often. After filming, we keep in touch more often”.

Acting is acting, body is body, appearance is appearance. Uee is an all-around beauty who doesn’t miss out on anything. She drew attention when she confessed that she was free from the obsession with diet.

Uee, who revealed that she had put down the obsession with her body and face, said, “I think there was a part of me compelling myself to look at me in a bad way. I am trying to love myself more”.

Through an entertainment show last year, Uee revealed that she gained 8 kg after dieting. Regarding this, she said, “I just took a body profile and regained 8kg and returned to my original weight. Weight doesn’t seem to matter much. I am in good shape”.

Uee‘s pictorial and interview can be found in the June 2022 issue of AtStyle Magazine.



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