Fans Flip After Finding Out BTS Jin’s Unexpected Friendship With Actor Lee Sang Yeop

A celebrity who enjoyed a golf course date with Jin drew attention.

Jin posted a 10-second video on his Instagram early on May 25th. It drew more attention because it was the first video posted by Jin, known as a beginner on SNS.

The video doubled Jin‘s charm. In the video, Jin seriously prepared to swing the golf club. However, the ball fell off the golf tee and had to pick it up again. At this time, the golf club was caught inside Jin‘s shirt, revealing its sloppy charm.

Jin also explained in the video, “Even the clothes are perfect“.

The video also contained the voice of a person who laughed helplessly while watching Jin’s clumsy behavior.

Actor Lee Sang Yeop was believed to have filmed Jin‘s video, and it was actor Lee Sang Yeop who enjoyed the golf course date with him.

On the same day, Lee Sang Yeop posted a picture taken at the golf course with Jin on his Instagram.

The two boasted a similar atmosphere like brothers by matching their tall stature with a white hat, shirt, and couple sneakers.

Earlier in March, Lee Sang Yeop thanked Jin with a proof shot of watching the BTS concert, saying, “BTS is the best“, adding, “Seokjin, thank you. Take a big bow first when we meet” revealing that the two are close.



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