BLACKPINK’s Jennie Ranks 9th Among Young And Rich Stars With Super Expensive Car

It is reported that BLACKPINK‘s Jennie, who is suspected of dating BTS’ V, owns a supercar worth 290 million won.

In Mnet‘s “TMI NEWS SHOW” aired on May 25th, Jennie was ranked 9th as a young & rich star with an expensive car.

It was investigated that Jennie owns a signboard model from P Company, which is famous for luxury cars. Jennie‘s car is an attractive supercar with red seats, and the price is about 290 million won ($228,135.00).

In 10th place was WINNER‘s Song Minho. Song Minho owns a car from Company A, and the price is said to be about 270 million won ($212,391.00).

SHINee‘s Key was placed in 11th place for young & rich stars who ride expensive cars. Key owns a sports car worth 249 million won ($195,871).

Jennie was caught up in suspicions that she was dating V. This is because V and Jennie set their respective Instagram profiles with the initials of their names, ‘V‘ and ‘J’.

It is common for the Instagram profile to be set to one letter of the initials, and netizens are claiming that the two are dating.

In the midst of this, a photo of a man and woman, presumed to be V and Jennie, was taken on Jeju Island and shared on online communities, raising suspicions about their relationship.

In this regard, HYBE, the agency of BTS, have not yet issued a statement.



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