Soyou Shares A Sad Confession That She Suffered From Rumors Because Of SISTARS Image

SISTAR’s Soyou confessed an anecdote that she suffered because of past rumors.

In MBN’s ‘Success, not Hocance’, which was broadcast on May 23rd, Soyu told actress Ye Ji-won about the difficulties she had suffered because of the group image in the past when she was a rookie.

On this day, Soyou said, “Since SISTAR’s image is strong, strange rumors such as ‘I got hit by SISTAR’, ‘I had a fight with SISTAR’, and ‘The van shakes when SISTAR fights'” adding, “We’ve never had such a thing, but because we have a strong image. It seems like that,” .

She added, “As a result, there were many seniors who hurt me. I’ve never been like that, but a senior asked me as a joke, ‘You go to a club?’

Moreover, she said. It even got into my ears,”.

After that, I was worried that real people would be afraid of us. So after debuting, I couldn’t make friends for three years. I thought everyone hated me,” she recalled at the time when it was difficult.

Ye Ji Won, who heard Soyou’s confession, comforted Soyou by trembling, “It’s because of her popularity.

Meanwhile, SISTAR debuted in the music industry in 2010 with the single album ‘Push Push’. Since then, he has been loved by many hit songs such as ‘Loving U’, ‘Touch My Body’, ‘I Swear’, and ‘Shake It’.

In particular, they won the title of ‘Summer Queen’ with cool songs that blow away the sweltering heat of summer.

However, in 2017, after 7 years of activities, she announced her disbandment, which was regretful.

Although they disbanded, they still supported each other’s activities. Recently, through SNS, all members gathered and took a photo, boasting an unchanging friendship.


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