Netizens Upset Over NMIXX For Making Their Fans Kneel At Signing Event

NMIXX fan signing event, fans kneeled.

Recently, a photo of the NMIXX fan signing event has been uploaded to various online communities.

The published photo was shocking in itself. The members of NMIXX were seated in a row. Fans were kneeling in front of them. It was because of the setting that did not consider the table height.

Netizens who saw this showed reactions such as “I had to kneel after spending a few million won for a fan signing event”, “It’s humiliating”, “What makes the fans kneel because it’s so great,” and “The official was wrong”.

Other netizens commented, “In the first place, fans only need to bend their backs to talk”, “Why are you kneeling down to receive it?”, “I think it’s great that fans spend money while being treated like that.”

NMIXX is a 7-member girl group under JYP Entertainment that debuted in February.


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