“It’s Beautiful Now” Receives Criticism Over Yoon Shi Yoon’s Hairstyle That Keeps Changing Every Scene

The hairstyle of actor Yoon Shi Yoon, the lead actor of KBS2 weekend drama ‘It’s Beautiful Now’, jumps out in every scene, and a disappointing voice comes out.

Recently, some online communities have raised questions about the details of the drama ‘It’s Beautiful Now’.

 It is pointed out that it is not possible to understand how Lee Hyun Jae’s (Yoon Shi Yoon) hairstyle changes in every scene in the play.

This is not simply a statement about the change of Yoon Shi Yoon‘s hair getting longer and shorter. The problem is that Yoon Shi Yoon‘s hairstyle was jagged without any special connection points, even in the scene where he was wearing the same clothes or immediately following, or where a lot of time had not passed due to the flow of the play.

In fact, if you look at Yoon Shi Yoon‘s hairstyle between episodes 13 and 16, which is the most recent episode, the hair that is close to the bushy, slightly shorter hair, and the neatly set short hairstyle are repeated without any standards.

 It becomes shorter, then longer, and then shorter again. Even considering the on-site situation in which all filming cannot be done sequentially, criticism continues that excessive jade tee interferes with immersion in the play.

Some viewers even say that the production of the drama is unreasonable. On the viewer’s bulletin board, opinions are pouring in that it seems that it is necessary to pay more attention to details.

Also, while the ratings of ‘It’s Beautiful Now‘ is consistently in the 20% range, KBS’ weekend drama, which is considered a ratings guarantee, is not continuing its reputation.

 This is a disappointing result considering that the previous work ‘Gentleman and Lady’ broke 30% in 10 episodes and the final episode recorded a viewer rating of 36.8%, which was close to 40%.

Can ‘It’s Beautiful Now‘ supplement the problem and raise the ratings further in the future? 



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