Some Netizens Left Confused After Debate About The Truth Behind Alleged Photos of Jennie and V In Jeju Island

BTSV (26) and BLACKPINK‘s Jennie (26) dating rumors were raised, some netizens denied it.

On May 23rd, on the online community “Nate” board , there was a debate over photos of Jennie and V’s sightings on Jeju Island.

Netizens claiming dating rumors include Gentle Monster sunglasses worn by Jennie, eyewitness posts posted on cafes saying, “Recently, I saw V and Jenny on the same plane“, “I think BTS fans saw V in Jeju Island“, etc. was cited as a reason.

Conversely, the one who denies the dating rumors said:

  • “Jenny’s hair is currently orange. The woman in the photo has black hair”,
  • “The eyewitness article posted on the community has been posted before”
  • “There’s only one piece of evidence, but is there a reason why only Jennie should wear it?”.

Meanwhile, Jenny and V‘s agencies, YG and HYBE, have not revealed their stance on the dating rumors.



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