LE SSERAFIM Had Their First Stage Debut With Only Five Members As Kim Garam Was On Hiatus

LE SSERAFIM  made their first stage debut with a five-member group except for Kim Garam, who was suspended from activities due to school violence allegations.

On SBS ‘Inkigayo‘ broadcast on May 22nd, LE SSERAFIM , who had been active as a five-member group for a while, decorated the first stage.

Initially, Kim Garam opened the intro for LE SSERAFIM ‘s ‘Fearless‘, but on this day, Huh Yun Jin took over. Other than that, Kim Garam‘s parts were filled by the members in turn.

LE SSERAFIM will be active as a five-member system for the time being with Kim Garam‘s activities suspended from May 20th.

Source Music, the agency, explained the reason for the suspension, saying, “After discussing with Kim Garam, we have decided to stop promoting for a while and focus on healing our injured heart.”

This is a decision that became controversial when victim A, who claimed to have suffered school violence from Kim Garam on May 19th, started taking legal action.

Through an official position, the management company stated that the allegation of Mr. A, who raised Kim Garam’s school violence, was groundless, but the public outrage grew and he decided to stop his activities.

Meanwhile, suspicions of school violence surrounding Kim Garam continued even before her debut. In April, before her debut, when Kim Garam’s profile was revealed, allegations of school violence arose immediately, and her agency has maintained a position of denying her allegations from the beginning until now.



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