FN Entertainment Announced Contract Renewal Of Actor Ahn Bo Hyun Who Stayed With Them For 10 Years

Actor Ahn Bo Hyun will continue to accompany FN Entertainment.

Hwang Yong, CEO of FN Entertainment, issued an official position on May 23rd and said, “I renewed my contract with actor Ahn Bo Hyun, who has been connected for a long time with deep trust and faith.”

He added, “As a strong partner who has been together for 10 years, we will spare no active support and support to continue our active activities.”

Ahn Bo Hyun debuted with the drama “Golden Cross” in 2014 and was greatly loved through “Descendants of the Sun,” “Her Private Life,” “Itaewon Class,”Kairos,” “Yumi’s Cells,” and “My Name.” Recently, he challenged his first title role as Doberman in the drama “Military Prosecutor Doberman” and received favorable reviews for capturing both viewer ratings and topics with delicate speed-controlled acting and high-synchronized visuals.

Ahn is building stable filmography without stopping the challenge. He will appear on tvN’s new entertainment show “Backpacker,” which will premiere on May 26th. It is a program that presents instant business trips for unfamiliar customers at the “Place of the Day” with a backpack, and Ahn Bo Hyun will show off his high-quality cooking skills.

In addition, through the movie “2 O’Clock Date,” he will show a 180-degree difference with Gilgu, a man upstairs who is a representative unemployed person in the neighborhood.

Attention is focused on what kind of move Ahn Kyung-hyun, who has expanded to the screen, will continue.



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