Netflix’s “Bloodhounds” Reportedly Decided To Drop Out Kim Sae Ron Following Her DUI Incident

Actress Kim Sae Ron is actually stepping down from Netflix’s original series “Bloodhounds“.

An official from Netflix’s “Bloodhounds” said, “After discussions, the production team, actors, and Netflix decided not to participate in the filming schedule that actress Kim Sae Ron was scheduled to do“.

Most of the actors’ filming has been completed“, the official said. “The editing of the existing filming is currently under discussion. Since the overall production of the work is still in full swing, I will tell you when the release date is confirmed later,” the official explained.

However, since the shooting was in the final stage and Kim Sae Ron was the main character, the part related to the re-shooting remained cautious.

Earlier on May 18th, Kim Sae Ron was caught by the police after drinking and taking the wheel, causing a car accident that hit guardrails, transformers, and street trees.

At that time, Kim Sae Ron tested positive as a result of the on-site crackdown on drinking monitors, but it was reported that he refused to measure the blood alcohol concentration and insisted on a blood collection test.

Due to the accident, Kim Sae Ron dropped out of the SBS drama “Trolley“, which starred in the drama. The movie “Everyday We Are“, which was already scheduled to be released after filming, has not expressed its position.



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