These 6 K-Pop Idols Are Often Mistaken As Siblings, According To Fans

Many popular idols have siblings.

ASTRO’s Moonbin and Billy Sua, SECRETS’ Han Seonhwa and VICTONS’ Seungwoo, Rainbow’s Kim Jaekyung, and N.Flying’s Kim Jaehyun are some examples.

Despite the fact that they are not real siblings, there are idols that emit a similar aura and are mistaken for siblings.

Here are six pairs of male and female idols who seem so similar that you’ll doubt your eyesight.

The Boyz Younghoon – BLACKPINK Jisoo

Jisoo and Younghoon have white complexion and fair eyes in similar.

Their clean jaw and slender chin create an elegant atmosphere.

Jisoo and Younghoon have unrivaled visuals and are acting idols as well as “acting idols.

BTS’ Jungkook – Kep1er’s Kang Ye Seo

Kang Ye Seo, who made her debut after appearing in Mnet‘s survival show “Girl’s Planet 999“, is mentioned as being similar to Jungkook.

They have similar rabbit-like eyes and distinct facial features, exuding a family-like atmosphere.

Jungkook and Kang Ye Seo show off their characteristic sad smiles and give off a good impression.

SEVENTEEN’s Joshua – Oh My Girl’s Yubin

Yubin and Joshua, who debuted in 2015, are recognized among fans for their resemblance.

They have huge eyes, black double eyelids, a small face, and a long neck, and are known as ‘deer-shaped‘ idols.

Even with their lovely mouths and lips alike, Yubin and Joshua have a high synchro rate.

NCT Jungwoo – WJSN’s SeolA

Jungwoo’s resemblance to SeolA has been frequently mentioned by fans since his debut.

Jungwoo, who transformed into “Rose,” the heroine of the film “Titanic,” became a major subject on Halloween Day in 2018 because he resembles SeolA.

It was also reported in Mnet‘s “TMI NEWS” in 2020 that the two looked like “doppelgangers.”

Stray Kids’ Hyunjin – ITZY’s Yeji

JYP Entertainment’s Yeji and Hyunjin, who are the same age, have similar sharp eyes.

They share the same white skin, pointed nose, and even a smile.

Yeji and Hyunjin startled fans by resembling each other in graduation photos taken before their debut.

Stray Kids’ Felix – Chungha

Fans are drawn to Chungha and Felix because of their attractive looks.

They resemble round noses, tiny faces, brow lines, and lethal eyes in particular.

Felix, who was born in Australia, and Chungha, who resides in Texas, both speak excellent English.



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