Most People Don’t Know Son Seok Koo Is One Of Those Celebrities Who Are Also Incredibly Successful CEOs

Surprisingly, “My Liberation Notes” actor Son Seok Koo’s main work was not acting from the start.

Son Seok Koo debuted in the 2016 film “Black Stone” and made his public debut in the 2017 drama “Sense 8 (directed by The Wachowskis),” starring Bae Doo Na.

He has since appeared in a number of works. Son Seok Koo rose to prominence after appearing in “Designated Survivor: 60 Days“.

Son Seok Koo once made headlines when he stated that he did acting as a hobby and that his main work was as the Chairman of a company.

In Yuseong-gu, Daejeon City, GOMT is a machine tool manufacturing company. It was founded in 2003 with 20 people and has since exported to ten nations worldwide.

Son Seok Koo is reported to have gained influence while serving as CEO of his father’s company “Namsunjeongong,” the precursor of GOMT.

Son Seok Koo is said to have retired from practical managerial employment. He is now only holding the CEO job as a title in order to focus on his acting career.

Seon Seok Koo became a major subject once it was disclosed that he spent his military career in Iraq with the Zaytun Division.

Meanwhile, Son Seok Koo wowed viewers once more with his character metamorphosis in the drama “D.P.” and made his directorial debut with the film “Unframed“.

Son Seok Koo’s kind direction startled everyone, in contrast to his character’s portrayal in “Unframed.”

He recently participated in the film “The Roundup” as well as the drama “My Liberation Notes“, and he is garnering a lot of attention for both roles.

Son Seok Koo‘s future acting efforts have piqued the interest of movie and drama lovers.



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